They should have arrived home by now.

The market is completely saturated.

He's a wheeler-dealer.

Piet can't talk to us yet.


He's an expert at throwing knives.


What's Louise's favorite cocktail?

They're locked in.

Are more people coming?

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Someone's going to hurt me.


Norm believes whatever Edith says.

She started dancing when she was eight.

Can I stroke your pussy?

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We know you've got plenty to say.

I'm going to call her.

I'm kind of full.

Even three centuries ago, most Western Europeans still used their fingers.

You've got to do something.


I'll build myself a beautiful palace, with a thousand stables filled with a thousand wooden horses to play with, a cellar overflowing with lemonade and ice cream soda, and a library of candies and fruits, cakes and cookies.


Nowadays many college students are neglectful of their studies.

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The article alludes to an event now forgotten.

More often than not, famine is accompanied by plague.

Give me some more time.

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Every language sees the world in a different way.


They were sitting on the sofa in our living room.


You're quite right, Lanny.

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My gut feeling is that Leigh won't show up tomorrow.


Gretchen is whispering something to Matt.

You shouldn't go around telling lies about people.

I get more than two hundred emails a day.

When will the debate take place?

I don't know why I thought it would be different this time.

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Where's your sword?

I know you hired an accountant.

Have you paid all the bills?

I find you intriguing.

What happened isn't a secret.

We'll have a good time there.

He has at last expressed his true feelings.

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Don't treat me like a fool!

We took the quickest route.

Take a sip of this.

She's at her tennis lesson.

Robbin does everything Space tells him to.

Where should we park?

They're too late.

I don't think Pandora will want to go to the zoo with us.

We have good news.

Steen is more than my friend, but he's not quite my boyfriend.

I wonder why John is always late for school.

I will fight you.

I don't know. You'll have to ask.

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Terry and I know the truth.

If I were you, I'd go home right away.

I sent some money to her.


Just because you can, doesn't mean you know how.


I think I hurt his feelings.

Flour is made into bread.

I hate milk.

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Kanthan said that was a good idea.

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We have known each other for years.

She has a feel for beauty.

We must not give up.

The poet is not used to speaking in public.

It must be easy for him to find the way.

Everybody beats the fool.

Thank you very much, you always say more agreeable things than I do.

Harris is dressed.

We had an arrangement.

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Do you want to wait in the bar?

I interpreted what he said in French into Japanese.

I'm a soldier now.

Grant was extremely popular.

The world is not enough.

She is not a maniac.

I'm little worried about them.

Danielle would be better.

Long hair is a pain.

I know exactly where you are.

Myrick was in jail at the time.

I've got to get some shots.

She spends a lot of money on clothes.

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I've already got plans.

I have to buy some medicine for my mother.

Many, if not most, professional translators only translate into their native language.

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Josh wanted Shirley to help him clean the living room.

I don't want you to leave me.

How did you get like this?


Let me have a word with you.

Janos isn't a Jew.

I got myself a job proof-reading.



Are there composers who can't play even one musical instrument?

How were you able to escape from prison?

Tommy is bragging about his new car.

Why don't you come shopping with me?


Tuan told Janice he didn't want to see her anymore.

I've got something for her.

Stop talking about him.

Pravin has been busy this week.

Tell me when to call at his office.

Rap is crap.

She praised me, saying my English had improved by leaps and bounds.

Why didn't Ernst say anything?

They're losers.

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The discovery of inadequate infection control protocols in several dental clinics has given rise to fears that patients may have been infected with HIV or hepatitis.


Phillip finally figured out where the treasure was hidden.

What with the visitors and all the extra housework, I've had a very busy week.

How much blood has the injured lost?

He caught me by surprise.

I can't wait to tell Valeria the good news.

I'm planning to buy a house and will need to earn a lot of money.

I didn't have time to change.

We were crowded into the small room.

Time may not heal your wounds, but it might anesthetize them.

Do you know where the closest bathroom is?

He made a box yesterday.

They've bet the farm on it.

I eat only when I'm hungry.

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Santa couldn't attend the party because he was sick.

This criminal is morally depraved.

Herve gave me useful advice.


Why did you come here?

I'll do whatever I can to help you.

You do not have a right to your own opinion!

Life is short, but the years are long.

We were shocked by the intensity of our mother's anger.


I don't like to work.

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I hope Pandora's recovery goes well.


I'm prejudiced.

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It's nice and cool.

Do you need a place to stay?

We got what we paid for.


Nicolas mentioned it.


Let's leave these bitter fools alone!

What exactly did you anticipate?

Send them away.

Puyehue Volcano keeps on spewing lava.

That was her plan all along.


Tovah always complains about what Ning does.

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I have to close this deal within a week.

Ti's defiant.

You should pay attention.

I'm meeting a friend after school.

Will you report everything truthfully?

They can understand me.

She admires John for his courage.

This is a terrible idea.

Is the pain usually this bad?

She gave him mixed signals.

I have to leave school.

You know this isn't necessary.

"Dear, where have you been?" - "I've been running." - "But your T-shirt is dry and has no smell at all."

I like this shirt.

I think overestimating the people masterminding that conspiracy is exactly what they want.


The room erupted in laughter.

If you do that, everyone's going to hate you.

Do you think anyone is watching us?


Was Butler showing off?

I thought Sandip had given up.

The plants died for lack of water.